Assaf: I am a son of the camp

GAZA CITY, 25 Jun 2013 - Mohammad Assaf declared himself a "son of the camp" on Tuesday as he returned to the Gaza Strip, where thousands of jubilant fans awaited the arrival of the Arab Idol star.

Flag-waving crowds waited for several hours at the Rafah crossing on Egypt's border for 23-year-old Assaf, three days after he was crowned the winner of the popular regional singing contest.

Assaf bent over and kissed the ground as he crossed the border, an AFP correspondent reported, before holding a news conference alongside Hamas officials.

Israel tembak Semenanjung Gaza

SEMENANJUNG GAZA, 25 Jun 2013 - Israel melancarkan serangan udara di tengah dan selatan Semenanjung Gaza, awal pagi semalam.

Media tempatan melaporkan, serangan di wilayah Palestin itu dilakukan selepas tentera rejim Israel mendakwa ianya sebagai tindak balas terhadap peluru berpandu dilancarkan dari Gaza.


3 settlers assault Palestinian woman in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, 17 Jun 2013 - A 75-year-old Palestinian woman has filed a complaint with Israeli police after being assaulted by three Israelis as she waited for a bus in West Jerusalem on Sunday, her son told Ma'an.

Fathiyeh Ajaj was waiting for a bus in Deir Yassin, now known as Givat Shaul, after a hospital appointment when she was pushed to the floor by three Israelis, who the son described as settlers.

They tried to remove her hijab -- the Muslim headscarf-- and tore her clothes, the son said.


Egyptian forces 'ready to defend Hamas'

CAIRO, 17 Jun 2013 - Egyptian security has asked Hamas leaders to change the hotel its delegation is staying in after receiving intelligence that protests will be held outside, sources told Ma'an.

Hamas' chief in exile Khaled Mashaal and Gaza premier Ismail Haniyeh, along with a delegation of 24 party officials, were told that demonstrators would be rallying outside the Intercontinental Hotel to protest the Islamist movement's "intervention in internal Egyptian affairs," the sources said.


Palestinian activist detained in Israeli raid

HEBRON, 8 Jun 2013 - Israeli forces on Friday raided the al-Sumoud ("steadfastness") center in Hebron and detained Jawad Abu Aisheh, 39, from the Old City, an official said.

The director of the center, Ahmad Amro, said six soldiers and two policemen stormed the center, causing damage. They also assaulted some of the activists there and threatened them.

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